Nonconnah Corridor Education and Engagement Program

The Nonconnah Corridor Education and Engagement Project (NCEEP) is a Clean Memphis program funded by TDOT. NCEEP’s mission is to educate, encourage, and inspire the local residents of the Nonconnah Corridor to keep Nonconnah Creek clean, clear, and unpolluted. 

NCEEP’s curriculum is designed to reinforce existing standards presented in schools throughout Shelby County through engaging, student-centered presentations. This curriculum is meant to foster “real world” connections between classroom content and a vital, local watershed.

Free educational programming is available to schools within the Nonconnah watershed and offer interactive, standards-based presentations around the far-reaching impacts of litter. School-wide service projects are organized to provide a concrete link between the abstract concept and the surrounding community. 

Activities and Presentations include:

  • Watershed Overview: using a 3D watershed model, students learn about watersheds and how the pollution and litter effects our local rivers.
  • Personal Footprint Calculator and Resource Distribution: students calculate their individual resource footprints on the plant.
  • Groundwater and Surface Water: students learn to distinguish between ground water and surface water, and learn about where their drinking water comes from in Memphis.
  • Water Quality Comparison Lab: using the scientific method, students determine the differences between surface water and groundwater through DO, pH, turbidity, and temperature tests.
  • Water Cycle: through an interactive game, students identify the parts of a water cycle.
  • Clean up service projects  

For more information, please contact Kristine Jacobs at 

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