With funding through the City of Memphis, the Clean Memphis Education team promotes recycling through education and engagement opportunities to middle and high school students as well as the broader community. 





Activities and Presentations include:

  • Landfill Model: students learn how modern landfills work.
  • What’s in a Landfill?: using mini landfills, students calculate the percentages of materials in a landfill and discuss ways to reduce our garbage.
  • How long to Decompose: students learn how long items we throw away take to decompose.
  • Recycling as a Commodity: using current market prices, students explore the sale of recyclable materials and how companies can make a profit.
  • What is recycling?: students learn how recycling facilities work and the benefits of recycling.
  • Greenhouse Gases Be Gone: students track the garbage they generate and learn how different forms of waste are related to greenhouse gases.
  • Zero Waste: students learn how one city in Japan became “zero waste.”
  • Trash Town: students learn how much money it costs to throw something away and how recycling can save money.

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