Clean Memphis partners with Humes for School Garden

(Photo courtesy of the Commercial Appeal)

Students at Humes Preparatory Academy have wrapped up completion of a new mural in the north Memphis neighborhood of Klondike on December 19, 2013. The mural consists of the word “rise” painted boldly along with African imagery and symbolism. The mural is part of an initiative led by Mayor A.C. Wharton’s Innovation Delivery Team. It is one of a series of low-budget art projects that are meant to have a high impact focusing of the areas of South Memphis, Crosstown/Madison, and Binghampton.

As a second leg of this project with Humes Preparatory Academy, Clean Memphis will team up with Humes in the planning and creation of a school garden. This initiative as well as the inspiring painting of the mural and other projects like it will help with the revitalization of certain parts of the city as well as educate and inspire students and citizens alike to put more care into the environment around them, and to be more aware of their own impact. Because of projects like these, they can be a part of making a difference in a positive way.

The mural project was made possible by community partners from Humes Preparatory Academy, Klondike Smokey City Community Development Corporation and Crosstown Arts.