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It’s Here, A full Calendar of Events for Earth Day 30 Days Straight!

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Earth Day 30 Flyer

You probably already knew that Earth Day is observed annually on Aprill 22. Earth Day is always a big deal to us at Clean Memphis. That is why we have decided not to just observe it on April 22, but we’re celebrating “Earth Month” for the whole month of April! Cleanups, volunteer events, and other activities will take place all month long right here in Memphis! Click the calendar below for a full listing of events. Also check our events page on our website.



Sustainability Project

“Why don’t people recycle in Memphis?” is a question commonly asked by citizens and students of Memphis alike. Clean Memphis, a nonprofit whose mission is to engage Memphians in making the city cleaner and greener, has been working hard to change this. While the organization organizes hundreds of cleanup efforts throughout Memphis annually, more “upstream” efforts to reduce litter are ideal for long term change.

“Changing the mindset of the people in the city is the best way to best way to start them to practicing better habits,” says Clean Memphis Executive Director, Janet Boscarino.  This is why ,in addition to regular litter sweeps and community projects, Clean Memphis puts an emphasis on environmental education.

As a part of the educational platform, Clean Memphis has an Educational Staff whose sole mission is to regularly visit schools and offer environmental education. This includes engaging lessons where students see a landfill model, a watershed model, perform water testing, mark storm drains, and participate in a cleanup of their school grounds. Additionally, the Educational Staff at Clean Memphis works with schools to promote sustainability efforts such as recycling, energy audits, and water conservation.

Clean Memphis has been working with Whitney Elementary, a part of the Achievement School District in Memphis, to provide students with a foundation to implement more sustainable habits both in school and at home. As a result of this success, Clean Memphis is looking to enhance this partnership and create a comprehensive platform for “green schools” in Memphis with Whitney Elementary as the “pilot school.”

With this project, a primary aim is to integrate environmental education with existing curriculum standards. The project will also consist of the establishment of “green teams” to carry out school-wide recycling, energy audits, and the coordination of community-wide cleanups. Teachers and staff at Whitney would love to to put such a project in place, but are in need of an experienced partner and the manpower to help carry it out. All that is lacking are the resources.  Which is where you come in! We need your help.

Clean Memphis has laid out a detailed plan along with a budget of what we plan to do  with help from our friends at “Ioby” is an acronym that means “in your own backyard.” Clean Memphis believes that this project will be a success and can be the start of lasting positive change right here in Memphis.

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National Make A Difference Day: The Places Where We Connect 2013


National Make A Difference day is a day many in the U.S. spend in service to others.  It is an opportunity to make a real impact in your own community or help another community.  In Memphis, Clean Memphis and partners decided to focus on the places where we connect as a community: parks, greenways, bike lanes, blueways.  These areas affect the community at large as far as the local water supply and places of recreation.  Improving the condition and quality of these places improves the whole community.

Clean Memphis hosted A Cleanup along with Livable Memphis and Volunteer Mid-South and sponsored by Buckman Laboratories and Wright Medical for National Make A Difference Day at the ArkWings Facility. It was held in Frayser. It was a great success thanks to volunteers from Memphis University School, Rhodes College, St jude ALSAC, Memphis Ambassadors Program, Girls Inc., FedEx The Sierra Club, and White Station High School.

A BIG Thanks to all participants who were involved! We collected several bags of litter and almost 200 tires along the Wolf River Bank!

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